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There are nine maps in GoldenEye's multiplayer. All of them can be played in each of the game modes.


In team modes, the players are split into teams of up to four members. There are four different teams in the multiplayer for GoldenEye 007 named after various factions from the single-player campaign. Players will have a particular appearance depending on their team.

  • MI6: MI6 plays on all maps. Their hero is Bond.
  • Russians: The Russians play against MI6 on Industrial, Archives, and Outpost. Their hero is Ourumov.
  • Zukovsky: Zukovsky plays against MI6 on Nightclub and Docks. Their hero is Zukovsky.
  • Janus: Janus plays against MI6 on Sewers, Jungle, Memorial, and Station. Their hero is Trevelyan.


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